1:1 Leading transformations coachingWhat it is about:

You will grow your leadership competencies within leading and driving transformations and become sharper on your personal communications and what key drivers to set into play to get your transformation to succeed.

You will understand how the transformation impacts your organization, team and individuals and how you as leader guide them forward.

It is valuable if you are facing: A leadership role in a transformation or project within your organization, a new leadership role, lead role with a new strategy implementation

What does it look like:

I. Communications mirror online assessment
II. 4x1h personal change coaching sessions (@your business/online)
III. Change navigation online assessment
1:team Transformation Core team coachingWhat it is about:

You will utilize your cores teams knowledge, creativity and collaboration to build the corner stone activities in a successful transformation – facilitated in a structured way to ensure concrete actionable outcome.

It is valuable if you are facing a: large transformation, would like to engage your whole team in a transformation, new leadership team, new strategy

What does it look like:

I. Key drivers and impact assessment – online assessment
II. Transformation core team workshop (@your business/online)
III. 3x1h follow up team coaching sessions
IV. Change navigation assessment
1 day course in leading through changeWhat it is about:

Engaging and enabling your middle managers to lead through change in fundamental. It is not enough with normal day to day management when the organization is going through change.

The course gives your leaders knowledge and competencies to plan and lead individuals and teams through change
with concrete hands-on learning and

What does it look like:

I. Change leadership assessment online assessment
II. 1 day course (@your business/Copenhagen)
III. Change navigation assessment online assessment